Working for women and supporting communities

We work with Women and Women’s organisations to develop and deliver services that local women need. We provide information, support and services to all women by:

  • promoting equality of opportunity and challenging discrimination, disadvantage, restricted opportunity and poverty
  • encouraging women to take control of their own lives and their own organisations
  • facilitating activities that are women centred and that promote empowerment for and with women

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    We’ve had lots of enquiries about what can be done about local services being cut. You can click here to find out who your local Councillor is or click herefor your MP so that you can write to them or email them or go to their regular surgeries. image

    PLEASE NOTE; We are currently experiencing difficulties with our telephone system. We apologise for any inconvenience and ask that you contact us on and in the meantime. If it is an emergency please dial 999.

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