Sick of Waiting – Transport for All’s new campaign on patient transport

Patients missing their hospital appointments…because of patient transport.

Patients waiting several hours to be taken home after their appointment…because of patient transport.

Patients unable to use buses or trains….deemed ineligible for patient transport.

The patient transport system, designed to ensure that everyone can access healthcare, isn’t working. While some hospitals work hard to offer excellent transport, others have a dismal patient transport service. We need common standards to ensure all trusts provide a quality service.

Transport For All want to hear your stories of patient transport.  

  • Have you or a relative or friend used patient transport in the last year?
  • How did you find it? How long did you have to wait to be picked up? How was the driver and the discharge lounge?

Good or bad TFA would like your reports of patient transport. They will use this evidence to help convince Trusts that patient transport contracts must put patients’ needs first. Please answer our very short survey. You can complete it online or by post or by phone on 020 737 2339 or by email with your experiences before July 31st....


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